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Covid-19 Policy

Thank you for reading this and for complying. We always say that we have the best customers, and it's true. We dislike imposing these restrictions. We have no choice, and it is good practice.

                     OUR COVID-19 POLICIES

Fun And Sun Rentals LLC believes that it is complying with all applicable regulations to minimize Covid-19 risk. We also believe that we all need to do what we can to help end the Covid-19 pandemic while also living our lives. Safely enjoying the outdoors is an important part of that. HOWEVER, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO GUARANTEE THAT THERE IS NO COVID-19 RISK FROM OUR RENTALS AND TOURS.

Here are the links to the relevant Maine Covid-19 regulations that relate to business in general 

Following is what we will do to help you have a safe and positive experience with us, and to protect the health and safety of our staff. We ask that you do your part and follow the requirements described below under WHAT CUSTOMERS WILL DO. These steps reflect the current Maine State requirements and might change as the situation changes and the government creates new rules.


Cleaning and Sanitizing

It has always been our policy to clean each and every piece of equipment and gear between customers. In addition to doing that we will either disinfect each item, or take it out of service for 72 hours.

We will no longer be able to continue our long standing practice of giving free water to our customers. We will no longer be able to provide sun block and bug spray for our customers to use.

Staff personal protection

Staff will not report to work if they have any Covid-19 symptoms, have been exposed to anyone who does, or have any reason to think they might be contagious with Covid-19.

Staff will wear face masks at all times when on duty.

Staff will practice good hygiene. Staff will wash hands at the beginning and end of shift and frequently in between. Soap and water and a hand washing area will be readily available to staff.
Hand sanitizer will be readily available to staff.

Physical Distancing

Staff will maintain the customary six foot distance from each other and from customers whenever possible. Instances where this is not possible will be infrequent and very brief. All this will require quite a lot of effort on everyone's part and will likely involve some trial and error.

We will provide enough time between reservations and enough physical outdoor space to allow customers to maintain appropriate distance from those not in their group.


Covid-19 symptoms and exposure

Customers will not come to our site if they have any Covid-19 symptoms, have been exposed to anyone who does, or have any reason to think they might be contagious with Covid-19.


Customers coming from outside of Maine will not come to our site if they have not complied fully with the requirements of the State of Maine regarding quarantine.

Face covering

Customers are required to wear face coverings at all times when on our site or in our transport vehicles .

Time spent at Fun And Sun

Over the years we have had enjoyed many nice conversations with our great customers, especially about our beautiful area and what they have done on their visit here. This will no longer be possible. Customers will spend no more time than necessary at our site before and after their outdoor activity.

Physical Distancing

Customers will maintain six feet distance between themselves and any staff or customers from a different group.



Rentals and tours will require a reservation as a way of minimizing the number of people at our shop. Call 207-730-1926 anytime between 9 and 5 to make a reservation, even with short notice, and we’ll do our best to make it work on your schedule. We will accommodate customers who arrive without a reservation ONLY IF WE CAN DO SO WHILE MAINTAINING SAFE DISTANCE AND OTHER POLICIES.

Liability Waivers

These must be signed online in advance to minimize contact. It's easy to do on your phone or computer. Just go to our website and look for the link on the Waiver tab, or click this link.


Payment will not be done in person to minimize contact. It can be done by phone at the time of the reservation or on line. If online, go to our website and look for the Payment tab.


Deliveries and pick up of rental equipment will be done as usual with a few exceptions.

Payment and completion of waivers must be done in advance as described above. 

There can be no contact between customers and ours staff member making the delivery and pickup, and 6 feet physical distance must be maintained.

Customers have always been responsible for cleaning equipment that is more than just sandy before it is picked up. We have rarely enforced this but now we must to protect our staff. So please inspect the equipment and hose it off thoroughly.

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